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There is not a really big shopping district in San Felipe. You will always find in all areas of San Felipe handmade jewerly, you will also find most stores in San Felipe sell the same souvenirs: rings, necklaces, T-shirts, and so on. Typically, shopping will happen on a need basis. In addition to the actual stores, there are often peddlers walking around on the streets or beaches selling wares of some kind, usually personal accessories. Often, these people are associated with a store. Almost without exception, vendors in San Felipe accept the U.S. dollar. Most of the shopping in San Felipe is either around the malecon area or on Ave. Mar de Cortez, which is the main street in San Felipe. Below is a list of shop, shopping and places to shop in San Felipe Mexico.
San Felipe Shopping
  The Peoples Gallery - Unique collection of original art, jewerly and crafts * Located on Ave. Mar de Cortez #5 San Felipe * Open daily 10am til 5pm

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