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  Konsag Island Konsag Island
Konsag is plainly visible from the beach at any point around the San Felipe bay, appearing at first glance to be a sail. It is reachable by boat in 45 minutes or so under normal conditions and it is a great place to watch sea lions, seals and colonies of sea birds.
malecon Malecon
The Malecon in San Felipe is a seawall that is located on the beach. The malecon is where you can eat street food and especially fish tacos. Most of the food in San Felipe can be found around the “malecon” area. It is a good place to get a fishing charter or to meet friends.
Puertecitos Hot Springs Puertecitos Hot Springs
Small collection of retirement and second homes, a restaurant, motel and campgrounds situated 50 miles south of San Felipe. The road is partially-paved and filled with vados (dips in the road) and pot holes making the trip slow and a little difficult. The benefit is the sulfur hot springs right on the rocky coast which produce different temperatures depending on the tide (they are usually perfect during a high tide). There may be a nominal fee to use.
San Felipe Spring Break San Felipe Spring Break
San Felipe is known for its spring break. The dates vary from year to year, but some time during February, March or April, college doors all over Canada and the United States are thrown open and students flood toward San Felipe. It's the combination of weather, sun, sandy beaches, late nightclubs, good restaurants and party atmosphere that keeps students coming back to San Felipe every year.
The Valley of the Giants The Valley of the Giants
Natural Reserve of the thousand year old Cardon Cactus. This area has become a major visitors attraction due to the selection of one of these giant specimens that was transported to Seville, Spain during World Expo '92. The area has also become a favorite spot for photographers worldwide as it is a superb background for photo sessions.

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